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Support Staff-Instructional Assistant


  1. Circulates Learning Resource Center (LRC) materials in accordance with District library procedures.
  2. Maintains LRC materials/equipment in good order and sends materials in need of repair to Longfellow/Curriculum Office.
  3. Works cooperatively with volunteers, students, and teachers as instructed by the Building Administrator(s) and/or LRC teacher.
  4. Supports teachers during book check-out and other times when small and large groups of students come to the LRC
  5. Carries out teacher’s plan for instruction for individual students and/or group work.
  6. Prepares materials for individual/group sessions under the guidance of the certified staff.
  7. Works with individuals/small groups in review, reinforcement, enrichment, and/or expansion of skills and concepts presented.
  8. Supports teacher(s) with the implementation of interventions, accommodations, and modifications to support students’ academic, social, and emotional success.
  9. Supervises learning groups with teacher’s direction.
  10. Communicates with the teacher(s) regarding children’s progress, interest levels, or problem areas.
  11. Reviews assignments with students, monitors testing and makeup work, organizes classwork and homework for the work relevant to the specific students.
  12. Interacts positively with students, taking into account individual differences and student needs.
  13. Maintains monthly records as other reports as instructed by the LRC teacher.
  14. Utilizes confidential and personal information concerning students for professional purposes only, and in accordance with District regulations.
  15. Assumes responsibilities outside the classroom area as related to supervision of students in the school surroundings.
  16. Assists students with self-help, personal care skills, and health needs as necessary.
  17. Assists teacher in maintaining classroom discipline and supports classroom management as directed by the teacher.
  18. Works with various forms of media, including technology, as necessary within the job area.
  19. Participates in planned training sessions or inservice meetings as requested by the principal or teacher.
  20. Performs other assigned tasks essential to the specific position as requested by the administration.

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