Learning Media Center Paraprofessional

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Support Staff-Library Media Assistant

McHenry Community Consolidated School District 15
1011 N. Green Street
McHenry, Illinois 60050
Telephone: (815) 385-7210
Fax: (815) 344-7121

V A C A N C Y     N O T I C E

Position:                Learning Media Center Paraprofessional
Part Time 3.5 hours/day M-F
Beginning August 22, 2016
School:                  Chauncey Duker Elementary School
  • Coordinates activities with LMC Director; Assists students while in the LMC: Finding books and using computer programs.
  • Checks books in and out.
  • Assists in notices of missing, damaged, or overdue library books for the purpose of providing and/or maintaining access to library resources.
  • Assists teachers, students and administrators in identifying resource materials for use in LMC, classroom and/or class assignments.
  • Assist in maintaining materials inventory and equipment to provide up to date references and ensuring the availability of materials and equipment when required.
  • Monitor student activities and computer use to maintain a safe environment conducive to learning.
  • Operates a variety of media equipment, computer equipment and systems when providing library media services to students and staff.
  • Perform circulation activities (e.g. item check-in and check-out, lists of overdue items, etc.) to control the use, location and availability of items in the collection.
  • Prepares manual and electronic documents and reports for the purpose of providing documentation and information to others.
  • Processes library books, periodicals, software and related materials to provide students and staff with required materials.
  • Respond to inquiries of students and staff (e.g. availability of books, finding appropriate reference documents, status of overdue books, etc.) to provide information and/or direction as required.
  • 60 college credit hour or Work Keys Test/other ISBE requirement for obtaining Paraprofessional License.
  • Can lift or move at least 50 pounds.
Salary: $11.13/hour
Apply: Apply online at www.d15.org or at the District 15 Board of Education Office:
Brian Kilinski, Director of Human Resources
McHenry Community Consolidated School District 15
1011 N. Green Street
McHenry, Illinois 60050
Phone: 815-385-7210
Fax: 815-344-7121
Posted: 04/21/16
Deadline to Apply: Until filled
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1011 N. Green St.
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