Library Assistant

District: Beach Park School District #3


SchoolNewport Elementary School


15872 West 21st Street

Wadsworth, IL 60083

Categories: Paraprofessional , General Classroom


Start Date: 08/2016

Close Date: Not Provided


Library Aide


No experience required but experience working with students would be beneficial. A minimum of a high school diploma or equivalent is required.Work well with children, follow verbal and written instructions and basic computer knowledge. If a particular position requires a unique skill, the new employee will be required to either possess that skill or be trained by the employer. Must hold a Paraprofessional License.

Reports to:

District Librarian and the building principal.

Job Goals:     

Performance Responsibilities:


  1. Follows collection development procedures and standards
  2. Processes new materials
  3. Provides basic cataloging of new materials
  4. Circulates and shelves all library resources
  5. Maintains an accurate electronic catalog to facilitate access to library resources
  6. Makes simple repairs on damaged books
  7. Participates in inter- and intra-library loan
  8. Manages Supplies
  9. Assists with inventories and withdrawal of materials


  1. Maintains an attractive and inviting school library environment with a variety of will working spaces for literacy activities
  2. Keeps the collection organized
  3. Enforces and reinforces school behavior expectations
  4. Prepares bulletin boards and displays
  5. Promotes a positive relationship with students, staff and community


  1. Communicates with teachers to learn their curricular needs
  2. Prepares correspondence, reports, resource lists, newsletters, and requisitions
  3. Collects data as requested by the district librarian
  4. Participates in work-related training  
  5. Promotes the library and its resources


  1. Assist students and staff in finding and using the library resources
  2. Guides students in finding “just right” books
  3. Promotes reading for enjoyment and personal growth
  4. Establish a culture of seeing information
  5. Facilitates reading programs linking the community and the library
  6. Supervises students and assists with research needs
  7. Models fluent, expressive reading
  8. Aligns library activities with themes of curriculum


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